The program to manage the multiple email addresses that make it easy to open and read those Email offline.

Key concepts include:

  • The Outlook 2013 Screen 
  • Navigation Pane 
  • E-mail Basics 
  • E-mail Basics: View Tab 
  • Changing view of Reading Pane 
  • Changing view of Navigation Pane 
  • Changing view of To-Do Bar 
  • E-mail Basics: Creating E-mails 
  • Sending an E-mail 
  • Auto-complete and the Global Address List 
  • Working with Folders 
  • E-mail basics: Signatures 
  • Creating a Signature 
  • Inserting a Signature 
  • Calendar Basics 
  • Access the Outlook Calendar 
  • Adding an Appointment 
  • Adding a Meeting Request 
  • Contact Basics 
  • Global Address List vs Personal Address Book (Contacts) 
  • Tasks Basics 
  • Creating Tasks 
  • Viewing Tasks/To-do List

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