This course will teach students about the concept of the database management such as Enrollment Database, Money Lending Management , Real Estate Management.

Key concepts include:
Week 1: The Fundamentals 

  • Describe main Access 2013 objects
  • Start Access and open a database
  • Understand the Access Program Screen
  • Add, Edit and Delete Records in Table View
  • Add, Edit and Delete records in Forms
  • Open and run a query
  • Open and run a report
  • Close down and exit Access

Week 2: Creating and Working With A Database 

  • Understand Primary Keys
  • Understand data types
  • Create a database
  • Create a table
  • Create a query
  • Create a form
  • Use the form wizard
  • Create a report using the report wizard

Week 3: Finding, filtering and formatting data

  • Find and replace information
  • Sort records
  • Filter records
  • Adjust and re-arrange rows and columns
  • Freeze fields
  • Hide columns  

Week 4: Working with tables and fields

  • Understand field properties
  • Index a field
  • Change a field’s data type
  • Apply formats to number and text fields
  • Set default values and apply field validation
  • Create input masks
  • Create and modify lookup fields
  • Create value lists    

Week 5: Creating Relational Databases

  • Understand table relationships
  • Create relationships between tables
  • Understand referential integrity
  • Implement and test referential integrity
  • Understand relationship types

Week 6: Working with Queries, Form and Report

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