This is a professional training course prepared by the Mekong School of Accounting in order to fulfill the need of book keeping and taxation affairs.
The program is specially designed for company Manager, Accounting Staff, and those who wish to learn more about Cambodian Taxation or wish to become a Licensed Taxation Agency.

Course Contents:
Students will learn about the following tax and how to declare each of them. The contents include:
1. Introduction to Cambodian tax and tax system
2. Patent tax
3. Tax on land house rental
4. Tax on certain merchandises and services
5. Tax for public lighting
6. Stamp tax
7. Slaughter tax
8. Tax on means of transportation
9. Tax on accommodation

10. Turnover tax
11. Tax on salaries
12. Registration tax
13. Property tax
14. Unused land tax
15. Withholding tax
16. Tax on profit
17. Value added tax
18. Rights and obligations of taxpayers.

Students will also be provided with practical exercises during the class.

Duration of Course: 6 months
Course Fee: $US120 Download our leaflet here.
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