Library and Facility

On the first floor of the main building, standing vertically in front of the high way, is a valuable and educational library opposite counter 2. It is packed with approximately 20,000 volumes in the fields of science and technology, arts and foreign languages, economics, manage-ment tourism, philosophy and so on. All of those are recognized internationally, although some of them are written in Khmer, such as constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure law and so on; all are, in short, the exclusive books in the faculty of law. In addition to the study facilities provided for students and lecturers and professors in the Lib- rary, there are reading areas in many other locations which can facilitate students to read or discuss individually or in groups.

The students are also given opportunities to strengthen their listening skills through listening to the English tapes. Moreover, students are allowed access to the intranet (ftp) for 15 minutes to download some document or assignment given by their lecturers or to check Mekong’s e-mail. To easily find the books for reading, students are permitted to use a directory computer which will guide them to a particular book. There are also a lot of accomplished assignments and thesis that will serve as guide to students.