The University

The Cambodian Mekong University was established on September 29, 2003 through the collaborative effort of Cambodia-Japan counterpart on its own building. This cooperation had made an impact on students and guardian’s confidence but also an identity for a long term investment on educational sector.

Objective and Policies
The Objective of the Cambodian Mekong University focuses on national and international alertness and on the high capacity of students and staff. The research and scholarship programs are produced which adhered to the academic standards to become the university’s strengthens in the development of intellectual, cultural, professional skills and business in Cambodia with the full effort of execution and being acknowledged as need of the finest universities in the Asia Pacific region.

The Cambodian Mekong University is one of the famous university in Cambodia is recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports in higher education. For the first session of its educational provision, it was granted an accreditation for one year on academic programs by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) in 2005. Successfully through its remarkable growth and potential education in the region, the university’s academic programs were accepted by ACC and granted three (3) continuing years from 2006 to 2008. Moreover, transferring credits were also accepted and made exchangeable between Cambodian Mekong University student and others.

Academic Action
Academic affairs have set indirect actions both in motivating and punishing student. Annually, the university prepares a ceremony to announce the official outstanding students. In this occasion, each of the outstanding students, having highly accumulative average scores from 75 percent or over, gets certification of achievement and other bonuses from the university for their hard work in previous years’ performance. However, students having lower scores than accumulative average scores above will be confronted with indirect punishment, for instance, they may loss the scholarship granted by the university.

Medium of Instruction
Both Khmer and English languages are the official and approved medium of instruction at Cambodian Mekong University, with exception to some subjects such as subjects relating to laws which is inevitable not to be conducted in Khmer language. However, it is still proposed that junior class must be conducted in English in the upcoming year.

Cambodian Mekong University does not have any biases or other activities against people who aim to study at the university in relation to race, color, ethnic origin, ancestry, religion, age and sex. To widen customer, we firmly believe to treat fairly all nationalities who apply for lecture, administration, and
access to the university services.

The Cambodian Mekong University campus is located in the capital of the city with an area of about-25,000-square-meter land along Str. 271, Sankat Teuk Thla, Khan Russey Keo and about 2 hectares of football field behind the Brighton University. The campus comprises of two buildings with the tallest having a total of six floors. Food, sports, and security services are available to support students’ needs around the campus. It is equipped with a garden setting a focal point of beauty and tranquility. Next to the main building, there is a wide parking lot in front of the street. Designed to host the university’s academic programs, the campus offers a variety of facilities: a bookshop, a library, separate functioning departments, seminar rooms, comfortable classrooms, computer labs, two reliable-information counters, a dormitory and a lot more.

On the first floor of the main building, standing vertically in front of the high way, is a valuable and educational library opposite counter 2. It is packed with approximately 20,000 volumes in the fields of science and technology, arts and foreign languages, economics, manage-ment tourism, philosophy and so on. All of those are recognized internationally, although some of them are written in Khmer, such as constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure law and so on; all are, in short, the exclusive books in the faculty of law. In addition to the study facilities provided for students and lecturers and professors in the Lib- rary, there are reading areas in many other locations which can facilitate students to read
or discuss individually or in groups.

The students are also given opportunities to strengthen their listening skills through listening to the English tapes. Moreover, students are allowed access to the intranet (ftp) for 15 minutes to download some document or assignment given by their lecturers or to check Mekong’s e-mail. To easily find the books for reading, students are permitted to use a directory computer which will guide them to a particular book. There are also a lot of accomplished assignments and thesis that will serve as guide to students.

Food Service and Cafeterias
Cambodian Mekong University has a canteen that provides fast food to students and staff with proper sanitation and reasonable price. All ingredients are naturally fresh from the local products. It is located under the dormitory and serves from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm with a variety of food and drinks. Any student who does not want to go home for their dinner or lunch can comfortably and relaxingly enjoy the delicious food in the canteen.

Computer Center
The Cambodian Mekong University Computer Center distributes to its students 300 computers within four (labs) rooms. The center acquaints students with the use of computers as tools for working with a lot of information in high technology environment. Sitting opposite the screens, the students are able to gather the latest information from various sites throughout the world through the internet link..

To provide students a reliable and educational document with reasonable price and other convenient service, the Cambodian Mekong University’s Bookshop punctually and periodically publishes and delivers materials and services to its staff and students. Located on the ground floor of the dormitory building, the bookshop also provides the school uniform with the purpose of promoting unity and equality among students. Likewise, teaching materials are available to students in every particular semester.

Office of International Affairs
Founded in early 2008, the office of International Affairs has developed which aims at promoting and introducing international programs of studies and environment. In addition, the office was set up to increase the collaborations among the international universities around the world. The office also facilitates the external visitors, students, diplomats, educators, or business visitors. As far as academic work is concerned, the office of International Affairs handles several kinds of necessary documents such as exchange and transfer programs, student account and visa advice and preparation, international meeting report, and the accommodation. The International Affairs may works in close coordination with the Academic Affairs Office. The International Office will hasten more and more international visitors with the purpose of academic development and internationalization.

The Cambodian Mekong University takes responsibility to protect its students, lecturers, staff, and facilities and to prevent the outsiders not to enter without permission. At the main building, security teams are at the gate entrance and they are walking around the building to ensure safety. In addition, security team walks throughout the campus to monitor students’ activities and to aid the students’ urgent needs.